At Law School Loan Report, we prepare a customized report of a client's federal financial aid history or student aid history when he or she has at least one federal loan. These personalized financial aid summaries detail loan dates, lenders, payment history, and outstanding balances, financial aid tools which assist our subscribers in federal loan management. And since we are a nonprofit, public-benefit organization, clients pay absolutely nothing.

Our dynamic and talented team of financial aid professionals have access to the government's database on federal student aid. Use of the National Student Loan Data System enables us to process and deliver accurate federal financial aid reports and student aid reports in the shortest possible time. Information on these federal financial aid reports and student aid reports is verified and authenticated with a benchmarking system developed by here at Law School Loan Report.

Law School Loan Report specializes in the legal community and is committed to providing fast, efficient and accurate financial aid services to law students, attorneys, and other legal professionals who opted for federal loans to achieve their educational goals.
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